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Personal Training Services

We specialize in females and couples!

We offer training services at our location or yours. Locations can include your home, apartment or HOA fitness center or place of business on your lunch break! We will help you reach your fitness goals using weight training, cardio, MetCon and nutrition strategies.

You are in total control of your training packages, choose more days per week to receive discounts. The more days a week you train, the cheaper the session! Also, we book sessions by the month and still allow discounts! No more 3+ month contracts to get the best price.


30 Minute Sessions:

1 Day a Week2 Days a Week3 Days a Week
1 Week Training$45/session$40/session$35/session
30 Day Training$45/session$40/session$35/session
30 Day Recurring*$40/session$35/session$30/session
*Cancel 30 Day Recurring Anytime after 60 days

1 Hour Sessions

1 Day a Week2 Days a Week3 Days a Week
1 Week Training$75/session$70/session$65/session
30 Day Training$70/session$65/session$60/session
3o Day Recurring*$65/session$60/session$55/session
*Cancel 30 Day Recurring Anytime after 60 days

Couples who train together stay together! Training couples is double the fun. Please call for a price quote!

Get in touch

Give us a call so we can connect you with personal training. First session is free!


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