Online Training

overweight woman doing forearm plank during online yoga lesson
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Online training breaks the barrier of time constraints. No need to travel to the gym. Covid concerns? Virtual training takes the risk out of meeting face to face.

Most online trainers simply send you a prescribed workout that you do on your own. Our trainers literally meet with you online via Zoom or FaceTime, engaging in the workout with you so there is no question that you are doing your workout right. What’s better, they are real-time, not videos like popular exercise subscriptions. Our trainers take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have while engaging in your workout.

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Book for 30 days training recurring to receive further discounts.

1 Hour Sessions

1 Day a Week2 Days a Week3 Days a Week
30 Day Training$40/session$35/session$30/session
30 Day Training Recurring*$30/session$27/session$25/session
*Cancel 30 Day Recurring Anytime after 60 days
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