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Lisa Smith, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Women’s Fitness Specialist.

Lisa Smith is a personal trainer specializing in training women in all life stages, couples and seniors. Lisa is a fully insured Certified Personal Trainer and Women’s Fitness Specialist, credentialed through NASM and earned her BA in Psychology in 2000. Lisa has been assisting people with their fitness journey since 2014 and has trained women of all ages, couples, seniors and adolescents ranging from 10 years to 85 years of age. Nothing gives Lisa greater pleasure than seeing the excitement of her clients when they see visible progress in their program! Lisa has been on her own fitness journey since 1988 when she picked up her first weights; fitness, health and wellness has been a passion for Lisa ever since. Realizing that remaining fit through all her life stages was difficult, Lisa persisted and enjoys life without medications and minimal age related pain. Lisa also suffers from a neurological disorder called dystonia affecting her arms and legs, which includes chronic pain and painful muscle spasms. Exercise has all but eliminated the need for opiates and muscular Botox injections for pain control.

Lisa’s mission is to help others succeed in their fitness journey, find mindfulness and wellness and learn healthy nutrition to support healthy bodies. Lisa is committed to assisting you with your fitness goals and walk that road right along side of you.

Lisa lives with her husband in Charlotte, NC. She can be found hiking in the mountains, creating and producing music with her husband or visiting her adult children and grandson in Buffalo, NY.

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