Fitness Myths: Fit People Have It all Figured Out

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As a personal trainer, I see all kinds of fitness and health myths that do more harm than good. These can include fad diets, fad workout routines, fad healthy living hacks. Sadly, most of them are just that….fads. Fads come and go, that is for certain. In this series, I will be bringing to light some of the fitness myths I witness on a daily basis.

One of those myths is that fit people have everything figured out. Fit people have so much confidence, nothing can hold them back. But the reality is that some fit people got fit for a reason. Some began their fitness journey for health reasons, but some of them (actually, many of the fitness enthusiasts I know) began their journey because they just were not happy with their bodies and/or wanted to build up their self esteem. More people, especially young women, suffer poor body image and body dysmorphia. More so than in years past. I am only speaking for myself when I say I use fitness as a tool to feel better in my skin, but I’m pretty sure there are many fitness enthusiasts that feel the same way.

So, when you see someone who is fit and find yourself comparing what you look like to what they look like at the time, just know that they don’t have it all figured out, and they are not any different than everyone else.

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