What’s With all the Hawking?

Like other fitness enthusiasts, I frequently follow other fitness sites offering advice and training ideas. Hey, education is half the game, right? However, how do you know that the blog you are following isn’t just gimmicky, trending false info that is focused more on their sales than your progress?

In my experience, there are things to look out for in fitness blogs to help you determine which blogs are not worth following and which blogs actually give you scientific information you can use. These are the things I look for in a fitness blog and will avoid that blog if I see any of the following:

  1. Monetization. Now, I understand that you are going to find monetization on everything from blogs to YouTube channels, but if it looks like the site’s main goal is to hawk supplements or diet pills, I avoid it like the plague. The sites’ main purpose is to push those supplements, many of which do not even work. When you visited the site, did you immediately witness a pop-up trying to sell you supplements? Did you actually have to click out of that window just to read the intended page? I will stop going there. There is nothing to see except supplements and weight loss products that I don’t want or need, and if the site’s main purpose is to hawk those supplements, can you really trust the workouts that they are offering?
  2. Lack of scientific evidence. Does the article talk about how the workout will benefit you? Does the article site any research supporting the workout? Did you try the workout and didn’t even feel it? I avoid those, too.
  3. Social Media Fluff. When I find a new fitness site, I usually size it up before it gets a bookmark. Sure, bikini photos are certainly inspirational, but is the whole site filled with this? Where’s the scientific research? Where is the work out advise? Diet advice? I am so happy to see that you have sculpted your body, but how is your pics and diet pills that probably don’t work going to help the reader visiting your site? I tend to take sites more seriously if there is actual content, not just “InstaFamous” content that benefits the InstaPerson more than the reader.

Be discerning when finding fitness sites to follow. If you feel that you are not taking anything away that is valuable, why waste your precious time when you could be learning information from credible sites that will actually benefit you?

If you have found any good fitness sites, be sure to comment so we can share credible info.

Published by Lisa Smith

Certified Personal Trainer in the Charlotte, NC area.

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